Bentley Murdock, Disease-Reversal Specialist and Co-Founder of Healistic Vitality

Get to know Disease-Reversal Nutritionist Bentley Murdock, and his Expert Team of Wholistic Healing & Wellness Specialists at Healistic Vitality

Bentley & Michelle Murdock, co-founders of Healistic Vitality, specialize in providing expert lifestyle healing & sustainable wellness coaching resources, to their various client demographics worldwide. Whether in person, online or over the phone, they work with their teams, assisting clients as they approach healing from a truly wholistic perspective. From plant-based nutrient-density, desire-based exercise, and emotional harmony, to reversing & preventing chronic disease, proper supplementation, and emotional & relational peace, their approach is uniquely customized with expert content and up-to-date science from literally every discipline in lifestyle medicine, health-care, healing, and mind/body wellness.

With over a century of deep family roots in alternative, wholistic healing and wellness, Bentley’s ancestors (on both sides) paved the way for two well-respected, multinational corporations — Nature’s Way and Miller’s Honey. These two family businesses are pivotal to the Murdock & Miller family legacy of wholistic healing and youthful vitality, and both corporations are still in business today. Being raised within this atmosphere, Bentley chose to follow in those foot-steps, expanding on the concept of intentional wellness, including an even more wholistically well-rounded approach to sustainable mind/body healing and perpetual wellness.

With over twenty years of education and applicable hands-on experience, Bentley dedicated himself to the fields of Psychology, Human Behavior, Personal Development, and Lifestyle Coaching. In collaboration with Jack Canfield (author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul book series) Bentley co-authored the #1 Best-Selling Book, The Soul of Success, Vol. 1, and received both the Editor’s Choice Award, and The National Best-Selling Authors’ Quilly Award.

Bentley graduated with his Master’s Degree in Advanced Psychology of Lifestyle Wellness Coaching from Capella University, and is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree in Advanced Psychology of Lifestyle Coaching & Mind/Body Medicine. He holds additional certifications as a Wholistic Nutritionist (American Fitness Professionals & Associates), Nutritional Phlebotomist (Utah School of Phlebotomy), and is a current member of The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT). Bentley also maintains a supportive and professional association with various related organizations, such as,, and

As a Certified Transformational Trainer & Certified Success Principles Trainer, Bentley has thoroughly navigated each of the intangible concepts of Wholistic Wellness, from Psychological, Mental, and Behavioral, to Emotional, Spiritual, and Relational. It was only after coming to understand these, that he was able to fully grasp how deeply influenced each of those intangibles are, by a few even more important underlying foundational pieces — The Physical Nourishment of the Body, the Heart, the Gut, and the Brain. With these final and most pivotal angles of approaching the wholistic wellness puzzle, and with a passionate desire to assist others in their own journey of wholistic healing, the concept and educational pursuit of “Healistic Vitality” was born. It represents an insatiable appetite for truth and further learning, coupled with the passionate desire to share that learning with the rest of the world.

Within their collaborative team of dedicated specialists, each member of the Healistic Vitality “Tribe” applies the healing focus from their own unique angle, represented by the four actionable pillars of their collective philosophy: 1- Nutrition & Nourishment, 2- Relationships & Association, 3- Physical Mobility & Re-Creation, and 4- Emotional Meditation & Therapeutic Expression.

The Healistic Vitality Tribe collaborates regularly to create up-to-date educational media content for their clients around the world. They are perpetually dedicated to finding the most effective and sustainable approaches, for healing literally every aspect of the mind, body, heart, and soul. This dedication gives them a unique angle, which has proven to be infinitely valuable to each of their clients.

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