Harold W. Barkman Jr., MD, MSPH, FCCP, Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician with the University of Kansas Medical Center

Get to know Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician Dr. Harold W. Barkman Jr, who serves the population of Kansas.

Speciality: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine

Medical School: Creighton University

Education: Dr. Barkman completed his Medical Degree from Creighton University in 1974. Giving him over four decades of experience in his field.

Experience: After obtaining his Medical Degree Dr. Barkman completed his internship from his alma mater, Creighton University. He then completed his internal medicine and occupational medicine residency from the University of Oklahoma. Followed by an occupational medicine residency with the University of Utah. Wanting to further his training he completed his Pulmonary fellowship with the University of Utah.

Current Position: Dr. Barkman is currently an Associate Professor and the Director for the Center for Environmental and Occupatinal Health within the University of Kansas Medical Center.

Pulmonary Medicine: Pulmonary medicine is the subspecialty of internal medicine that focuses on the diagnosis and management of disorders of the respiratory system, including the lungs, upper airways, thoracic cavity, and chest wall. Although most common respiratory problems are treated by general internists and other specialty physicians, internists practicing pulmonary medicine (often referred to as “pulmonologists”) are frequently called upon to help diagnose unknown disorders and assist in managing difficult, unusual, or complicated diseases of the respiratory system. Pulmonologists have expertise in structural, inflammatory, infectious, and neoplastic disorders of the lung parenchyma, pleura and airways, pulmonary vascular disease and its effect on the cardiovascular system, and detection and prevention of occupational and environmental causes of lung disease. Diseases commonly evaluated and treated by pulmonologists include asthma, chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD), emphysema, lung cancer, interstitial and occupational lung diseases, complex lung and pleural infections including tuberculosis, pulmonary hypertension, and cystic fibrosis. Some pulmonologists focus on sleep-disordered breathing (such as sleep apnea) and may provide diagnostic and therapeutic services in sleep laboratories.

Learn More about Dr. Harold W. Barkman Jr:

His profile with University of Kansas Medical Center, http://www.kumc.edu/school-of-medicine/internal-medicine/clinical-divisions/pulmonary-and-critical-care/faculty/h-william-barkman-md-msph.html, he can be contacted at (913) 588-6045, and is located in Kansas City, KS.

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